San Luis Valley Misdemeanor Defense

Misdemeanor Crimes

Lower than a felony but you still do not want to face a misdemeanor charge.

In Colorado, Misdmeanors are the classification of crimes below felony.  In pop culture some folks may downplay the seriousness of such crimes and say "it is only a misdemeanor."  But being convicted of a misdmeanor could land somone in jail for up to 2 years in jail and a a fine of 5000.00.  Being placed on supervised probation with classes and drug testing for two years is also a potential penalty. 

A misdemeanor conviction on someone's criminal record will likely have a lasting effect on college admission, student loans, employment opportunites, monetary loans, dating, housing, and numerous other negative consequences. 

As an Alamosa lawyer handling misdemeanor cases you can fight the case without traveling over the pass. The Law Offices of Tray Stehany has successfully handled misdemeanor cases throughout the San Luis Valley and Colorado.  In attacking misdemeanor charges, Mr. Stephany uses sound legal reasoning and proven tactics mixed with a splash of pride as it is an honor to represent.  As a misdemeanor lawyer Mr. Stephany understands that your case is a huge deal in your life; therefore, your case is huge to Mr. Stephany's office.

In defending misdemeanor cases a this office may be able get the case dismissed or work a favorable plea deal.  But if your case does not settle this office has no issue taking your case to jury trial.