Speeding Ticket Lawyer for Alamosa, San Luis, Del Norte, and antonito

Alamosa Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Serving the San Luis Valley

The San Luis Valley is a magical place with visitors from all over the United States.  Folks come to visit the Sand Dunes, fish the majestic lakes, hike the numerous fourteeners, camp, experience the Rio Grande, enjoy the welcoming towns, and take in the lush history of the area.   The downside is there are numerous speed changes on the wide open highways. 

Most people get a speeding ticket at some pint in their lives.   One regular citation is 42-4-1101 C.R.S.  When speeding over 25 miles per hour  over the limit the driver receives a summons to appear in court.  This is often problematic for out-of-state and out-of-town visitors.   These speeding tickets are routinely addressed in San Luis, Alamosa, Del Norte, and Antonito. 

The idea of having to fly or drive back to the San Luis Valley is an undaunting thought.  The Law Offices of Tray Stephany can help those summoned to Court.  Often Tray can handle your charges without you having to book a flight to the San Luis Valley.  

Whether you are looking to fight the ticket, reduce the points,  avoid coming back to the area, or a combination of the aforementioned, contact the Law Offices of Tray Stephany for a free consultation at 719-722-8461.  This office maintains a billboard  advertising  services on Highway 160 just east of Alamosa.  

If you need an Alamosa Speeding Ticket attorney call today for a consult. 

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