Divorce lawyer in Alamosa


Divorce attorney in Alamosa.

Divorce is a tough experience for the family and each case is unique.  The courts only grant a divorce if the marriage is irretrievably broken.  Many statutory requirements must be met for the divorce to be finalized.  The process may take many months.  The divorce court will divide assets, debts, possible spousal maintenance, and child support among other things.  If you are self represented you are held to the same standards as an attorney regarding rules of evidence, filings, and disclosures. 

Do you need an Alamosa divorce lawyer?

Divorce cases have lasting effects.  The cases are technical with multiple deadlines and procedures.  If someone misses a deadline the result may be devastating.  This office has successfully handed Colorado divorce cases for almost a decade.  Divorce lawyer in Alamosa. Child custody attorney in Alamosa Call for a free consultation. 

Alamosa child custody lawyer for the San Luis Valley.

Child custody, like divorce cases, are technical.  In child custody cases, or in divorce cases with children, the court will determine a parenting plan for the children.  Additionally the court will set up a child support amount.  Having legal representation helps maximize your chances of getting a fair outcome especially if the other side has legal representation. 

Assets and debts

The general rule is the court considers all assets and debts as joint. 

Child support and spousal maintenance (alimony).

The Court calculates child support through a set calculation.  The calculation is based upon numerous things such as income, overnights, child case expenses, etc.  

Spousal maintenance is also a calculation.  The court is seeking to put parties on a level ground and to maintain the standard of living the parties had during the marriage.  The idea is utopian but often not the reality. 

Parenting time with the kids

The Court considers the children's "best interests" in determining parenting time and decision making.  The court considers many factors in determining what the "best interests" are given the specific facts.