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"I am proud to say this office has successfully handled numerous felony and misdemeanor cases throughout the San Luis Valley (and Denver).   I have ten years of experience and taken cases from shoplifting, to drug distribution, to homicide.  I never judge anyone for what they are charged.  I look forward to reviewing your case and discussing options to defend you.  I am a member of  the following:  Alamosa Chamber of Commerce.  Colorado Bar Association.  Denver Bar Association.  Rated a Rising Star by Superlawyers for 2019.  Member of the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyers since 2014. Perfect 10 Avvo rating.  Building a law practice the old fashioned way: quality work and solid reputation.  Be safe."   

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Innocent people are convicted or feel forced to plead guilty every day.  On the same note, good parents often feel forced to signing unfavorable parenting time agreements. Do not be a victim of the system.  Call for a free consultation.  Look for our billboard as you head west on Highway 160 as you come into Alamosa.   Free consultation: 


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Do not talk to the police detectives or the prosecutor without a lawyer.   Defendants often make the mistake of talking to the police in hopes "this will all just go away."  Unfortunately criminal cases do not just "go away."  Speaking to police often leads to a person providing incriminating statements (by accident in many criminal cases).  Facing criminal charges is not a television show or movie: criminal charges are real and very serious.  The state has large amounts of money and resources with a goal to charge and convict.   The prosecution is not paying games and neither does this  Alamosa criminal attorney.  The Law Offices of Tray Stephany takes each case seriously. 

Police are trained to utilize interrogation skills learned in the police academy.  Police  often obtain incriminating statements or a confession from suspects.  Police are trained in those tactics because they get results. 

Innocent people are convicted or feel forced to plead guilty every day.  Do not let this happen to you especially if you are innocent.   Speaking to the prosecutor without a Colorado criminal defense attorney is not advised.  

The prosecutor will likely tell the defendant the plea deal is to simply plead guilty and this is simply not an appropriate outcome.  Mr. Stephany has successfully defended persons charged with serious felony and misdemeanor charges throughout Colorado.  Contact Alamosa lawyer for an initial strategy session.  719-722-8461. 

One of Mr. Stephany's keys to success, besides legal research and trial experience, is making sure the defendant has an open line for communication to assist in his or her defense.  Mr. Stephany understands the defendant is not just another person but a son, daughter, sister, or brother.  The defendant is a person facing a battle that may change the person's life direction forever.  This is a serious task and one this office takes very seriously.  

Mr. Stephany works criminal cases on flat rates in stages of the court case.  Therefore, the client does not have to worry about being billed for every court appearance, call, drive across the valley, or in person consultation.   Call for details. 

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The Law Offices of Tray Stephany handles cases in Alamosa, Costilla, Conejos, Mineral, Rio Grande, Saguache, Las Animas, and Huefano county. 

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This office works diligently with the client in effort to obtain the best possible results.   Client communication is encouraged.  Dedicated to protecting your parenting rights in a divorce or freedom in a criminal case. 

Located at 315 State Avenue, # 204.  Alamosa, Colorado.

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No reason to go to Pueblo, Colorado Springs, or Denver for your legal services.  Mr. Stephany has an office in the Denver Metro and one in Alamosa on State Avenue.   Consultations by appointment.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Feel free to call or email Mr. Stephany 7 days a week.

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